Add the following css to the general divi css section and change ‘New Content’ to the text that should be shown instead

.et_overlay:before {
content: ‘New Content’ !important;
font-family: arial !important;

Divi Websites and Facebook Groups

If you are looking for more information on Divi then please check out DiviLibs, containing links to over 70 Divi related websites and over 10 Divi Facebook groups.

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Winstar subcontract to help support and maintain an existing website hosted in Belgium adding new functionality and fixing any problems reported. The site is multilingual and also has a French version  and an English...

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How to wrap text on a button

If the text on a button is not wrapping then the white space is probably incorrect.  Try the following CSS to correct it: input[type="submit"] { white-space: normal; } Other Helpful Information Keep Posted with our Special Offers and Latest Updates Like Us...

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How to make divi testimonials all the same height

On the testimonial module goto custom css and in the main element add the following css and do this for all testimonials that should be the same height, or create a class in divi epanal and assing the class to each of the modules. min-height: 300px...

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