Security Awareness


If you get a phone call claiming to be from Spark, Microsoft or any other company and they say you have a virus or problem with the network and ask you to go to your computer or open up a webpage then hang up on them, it is a scam.

No matter how genuine they sound hang up.

If you are unsure hang up anyway and ring them back on the number listed on their official website.


How to check if an Email is Spam or Suspicious

  • Check for spelling, if its full of spelling and grammar errors then it’s probably spam
  • The email says you have computer problems and they can solve it then it’s probably spam
  • The email says your website is not performing well in Google or has SEO problems then it’s probably spam
  • If it’s from a bank or payment provider or other company that you are not registered with then it’s spam

How to check the link is valid

The text on screen is NOT where you will go if you click on it.

E.g. Click on this link and it won’t take you to Westpac!

If you hover your mouse over the link and look at the bottom of the screen of what website it will actually go to

Another Example For Suspicious Email

The email may have apple store and app support showing but these are misleading and the title is trying to get you thinking someone has bought from your account, do you even have an account?

You can see the email is actually from “”  and nothing to do with Apple.  Do NOT open the word document it most likely contains a virus or malware.

If you are in any doubt then contact Apple or which ever company the email is meant to be from directly.

An example of email scans that is targeting people by pretending to be from the IRD can be found here

Take A Test

Do you think you can spot a suspicious email?

Google have created a test, give it a go and see how good you are….

Divi Websites and Facebook Groups

If you are looking for more information on Divi then please check out DiviLibs, containing links to over 70 Divi related websites and over 10 Divi Facebook groups.

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