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Choose the perfect package for your business with our flexible pricing packages or create your own custom package.


All Our Packages Include a FREE NO Obligation Consultation

Landing Page


FREE SSL Certificate

Mobile Friendly

Website Hosting

Domain Name Registration

Links to your Social Media

1 Hour Support Per Month

Monthly Backups

Technical & Security Updates

1 Website Page

1 Email Setup

From $749 +GST

Hosting fees start from $49.99 +GST per month.




FREE SSL Certificate

Mobile Friendly

Website Hosting

Domain Name Registration

Links to your Social Media

1 Hour Support Per Month

Monthly Backups

Security Updates


3 to 5 Website Pages

3 Email Addresses

From $1999 +GST




FREE SSL Certificate

Mobile Friendly

Website Hosting

Domain Name Registration

Links to your Social Media

1 Hour Support Per Month

Monthly Backups

Security Updates


5 to 10 Website Pages

10 Email Addresses

Ability to Edit Your Own Pages

Ask For Quote



FREE SSL Certificate

Mobile Friendly

Website Hosting

Domain Name Registration

Links to your Social Media

1 Hour Support Per Month

Monthly Backups

Security Updates


Online Store

Online Payment

3 Email Addresses

Ask for Quote

Hosting fees start from $49.99 +GST per month.

*Additional monthly cost for online stores.

To help you split the costs over the year, all our packages have a small upfront fee

and then ongoing monthly charges.

A minimum of contract term of 12 months applies to all packages.

All prices quoted are exclusive of GST.

Please click here to see our standard terms and conditions that apply.

Mobile Friendly

All our websites look great on any device whether it’s a laptop, tablet or mobile.  To get technical our websites are “responsive” which means that they automatically resize to match the screen size.

Free SSL Certificate

A great bonus is that our websites come with a Free SSL certificate.  This means that your website is more secure and will rank better in searches such as Google and Bing.

Online Store and Payments

Enable contactless purchasing for your business by selling your products online.

The store framework we utilise is used by over 28% of the Worlds online stores, which is over 40 Million online stores.  Therefore, you know its reliable, secure and will be familiar to customers visiting your website.

Our designers will customise the stores design to compliment your branding and give it a unique design.

Online Stores

If you are looking to add an online store and payments then please get in touch for a quote.

Store Front

Online Payment Processing

Stock Management

Product Maintenance

Product Maintenance Training


Shipping Methods

Advanced Filters

Product Imports

MarketPlace / Vendor StoreFronts

Photography Packages

Troy Baker - Commercial Photography Packages

Give your website that extra WOW factor by adding a professional photography package and get amazing pictures to make your website stand out! 

Get Started on Your Website!!

Please let us know which package you would like and our consultant will be in touch

All Packages Include


FREE SSL Security Certificate


Monthly Backups


Mobile Friendly


Domain Name Registration


Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Monthly Security Updates


Links to Your Social Media


Website Hosting


1 Hour a Month Support


Add the “Bells & Whistles” to your website with our huge list of add-on features :

Email Marketing

Allow users to subscribe to your website

Online Chat

Chat with customers whilst they are viewing your website

Google Analytics

Track and Analyse visitors to your website

Scheduled Backups

Pick and choose when your website gets backed up

Premium Security

The absolute best protection

Advanced SEO

Advanced SEO for your online store, categories, tags and videos


Create forms to receive and store information


If you don’t have images for your website then we can create them for you


Generate surveys


Create Polls


Capture Customers Signatures


Create Quiz and Users can see their results

Many, Many More Features Available

There are two many additional features available to list, please let us know what features you would like and we will give you a free quote

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


I don't know where to start?


That's why we are here! Just get in touch with us and we'll walk you through it step by step


How does Winstar help grow my business?

By having a professional looking website that looks good on any device your company will be more inviting for customer to do business with you.  If your website looks bad and is difficult to use, especially on mobiles then customer are just a swipe away from using your competitors.

All our packages include basic search engine optimisation which means that your website will show up in google, bing and other search engines.

Winstar will also offer FREE guidance on using free and paid online advertising and social media, taking your website to larger audience outside of the Bay of Plenty and with potential for international customers.

We are also experienced in business management and enterprise solutions and can offer solutions that will help streamline your business saving you money.

Will my website show in Google?

 Yes, all our pages include basic search engine optimisation which means your website will show in Google and other search engines.

We cannot control where your website will be listed and neither can any other company other than Google.  We will develop the website and will advise of things your business can do to get your website listed as high as possible.  

If getting your website listed high on Google is absolutely key then we do offer at an extra cost an advanced SEO service, however in majority of cases our free SEO does the job.


My club or organisation needs a website

Our landing page package is ideals for local clubs such as judo, classic cars or soccer etc listing timetables of when you meet or details of events.  For a small extra fee we can add event management that allows members to sign up / register for events.

The landing page package is also great for individuals such as artists wishing to showcase their art and promote events

What is the process of getting a website?

The process starts with a FREE 1 hour consultation:  For those in the Bay of Plenty we will come and visit you, and for those further afield we will do this via an online meeting.

At the consultation we will discuss your requirements for the website and which of our packages is best suited.  We will also discuss how you would like the website to look and how it will incorporate your company's brand and style.  
When you choose to go ahead with the website development,  : 
Please sign and return the quotation and make the upFront Payment.
We'll discuss available domain names and Winstar will purchase the domain name chosen and create a basic page with you companies contact information.  If you already have a website/domain name, then we will discuss how this is transferred to Winstar, 
So that you can see the website before its publishing it to your domain name, Winstar will create a test site for it to be developed and reviewed.   
If you have a specific design layout in mind  then we create your website based on this, otherwise we'll create the website layout.  We can also offer a list of templates for you to choose from.
We will advise when the website is ready for review and you can then request changes to it (within reason) e.g. change position of an image, change an image, make text bigger etc.  
Once you are happy with the website we will transfer it to your website hosting/domain and the monthly subscription payments should commence.
We expect that website will grow and evolve with your business.  If you require further changes to the site after it has gone live then we can provide a quote .
How long does it take to develop a website?

From order to website going live can be completed within in two weeks. 

Typically this usually takes around a month and usually driven by you having the pictures / wording available to go on the site. 

Does Winstar host websites?


Yes, all of our packages include hosting.


Why shouldn't I use a free website builder?

With Winstar :

We will offer free advice on how to grow your business

Every website Winstar produces is unique

Winstar can add functionality that the free website can’t

Winstar will do the work to make your website show on Google

Support is included

You will be supporting Local company and not sending your money to an oversea’s company


With a Free Site

Free sites are based on templates and your website will look as such

They are time consuming to create, 2 /3 days of your time at least. Isn’t your time better spent on your business?  Work out how much labour cost this is for you and compare to our package price

Free ones have limited functionality

Often the very basic is only free and once you need an extra feature they start charging

If you have trouble with the site then support is often not included and they will charge you for it

Can't find the answer you're looking for?

Will our website look great on mobiles?

Yes, all our website are fully responsive, which means they look great on any device, laptop, PC, tablet and mobiles

We already have website and want it to look good on mobiles


We can migrate your existing website to be a responsive website making it look great on any device.  The cost will be about the same as our package options, depending on how complex your existing website is.  Please contact us for a FREE quote.


We already have a website and want an online store


If Winstar developed your website then adding an online store is easy, otherwise contact us for FREE and one of our consultants will advise you of your options.


We want to make changes to the website after its gone live

We expect that your website will evolve and grow with your business.  Our websites are developed to allow for changes to made whether they are large or small.

How long are the monthly payments for?

The monthly payments are indefinite as long as you want the website live. 

When do the monthly charges start?


The monthly charges will commence from the month the website goes live, or if there are delays from the client providing images/content that prevents the website going live within 3 months then the monthly charges will commence.


When I cancel the monthly charges?

There is a minimum 12 month period of monthly charges.  After this the charges can be cancelled with 60 days notice, starting after the tenth monthly payment, excluding those with online stores.

The website will no longer be visible after 30 days of receiving the last payment.

For those with online stores, it is a rolling 12 month contract that will automatically renew annually on the date of the first monthly invoice.  Winstar must be given 60 day notice of cancellation before the annual renewal date.

Can my website link with Facebook?

Yes,  all our packages include linking your website to Facebook and other social media, twitter, instagram etc

If you would like us to post to Facebook or visa versa then we can add this for an extra cost.

At an additional cost for those with an online store then we can publish all your products to your Facebook shop.

We want more Add-on features adding

Add-on features can be added at any time, just let us know what you'd like adding.

Note: Charges vary depending on the add-on requested. Please contact us for a FREE quote.

Can we use our own domain name?


Yes, you will need to request your UADI key from your existing hosting provider and will transfer it for free.  If you don't have a domain name then don't panic, we can register one for you.


Can we have multiple domain names?

Yes, we can either register extra domains for you or transfer an existing one.  

These will all point to the same website.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation also referred to as SEO, is a technical term that means it will make your website show in Google searches.
If your website is not Search Engine Optimisation then it is unlike that customers will find your website.

Are backups included?

Yes, weekly backups of your website are taken and for those with online stores a daily backup is done overnight.

What are the Terms and Conditions for the Beacon Show Competition Aug 2017?

The terms and conditions can be found here