Software, Web & Mobile Apps

We have over 25 years full stack software development experience developing desktop, mobile and web apps.

Have an idea for an application, web app or mobile app?

If you have an idea for a desktop application, web or mobile app that you would like to be developed then please get in touch with us for a free consultation.

Technical Expertise

Our chief geek has over 25 years software development experience ranging from small business application development to mobile apps and enterprise software solution development.

Summary of some of the languages we can develop in


Blazor (Web Single Page Application)



Delphi XE / Pascal

HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP

We also have experience of database design and database management including




SQL Server


Development Options


Fixed Price

If you would like to have tight control over your budget then we can offer a fixed price to develop the project.  In this case strict agreements will be put in place to cover exactly what functionality is to be included and any changes to this agreement will be at an extra cost.



Hourly Rate

We also offer subcontract developer rates by the hour, so that our developers can help build / maintain any existing projects that you have.

Free Consultation

Please contact us for a free consultation.